Thursday, October 13, 2011

Preds Crap the Bed; Lose to Phoenix 5-2

Cool. So, nothing says "Hey, let's show our fans what we built upon last season" like getting destroyed early and going down 4-0 in the home opener.

I mean I feel like we salvaged some respect, scoring twice after that, but really? How flat do you have to be to come out and get massacred in your home opener?

Was it just a bad game? Maybe. I'm not sure anymore. No Neck has tricked us into thinking our teams are better than they are over the years by doing all kinds of shady shit like making the playoffs and getting our hopes up, but this year it feels slightly different.

Don't get me wrong, we've got some talent. Problem is that talent lies almost exclusively on defense or between the pipes. For the forwards, different story. I honestly believe that (not an exaggeration) this is the least talented team, offensively, that we've put on the ice in at least six or seven years, at least with Erat, Fisher, and Hornqvist out.

I'm not being overly negative; I think we will sneak into the playoffs again this season.....but let's be real.......this offense sucks. I don't remember us putting a team of forwards on the ice that was so average and/or so recently out of Milwaukee at any point after we started shedding expansion status. It's a little disturbing.

Every sport is the same way as far as over-reacting to a single win or loss, but falling behind by four at home to a pretty average team who hadn't won yet, in your home opener, is no less than inexcusable.

Phoenix looked so much better than us that it made me want to drive my skull through my TV. We scored a couple goals on slapshots and had a few other chances, but you're insane if you thought we matched their intensity.

I sure ****ing hope Trotz gives the boys some shit in practice and we come out ready to dominate against New Jersey on Saturday. We're so used to the Preds being a resilient team that bounces back after a poor effort. Let's hope for the same this weekend. After all, whatever the case, we're still 2-1 right now.

P.S. Kiss it Legwand haters!!!!


  1. Same ole Nashvull, great D but no one to score. Boring hockey. Btw, we lost 5-2, not 4-2.

  2. haha oops. I was zoned out and too upset by the time they added the empty-netter. my bad.

  3. Our defense isn't even that good either. Weber and Suter obviously own (even though Weber didn't look too good last night), but after that it's Klein (who I hate) and Blum (who might be awesome but is unproven so far). Then Hillen (who?), Ekholm (who?) and Laasko (who?). I never thought I'd say it but we might miss SOB this year. Cube needs to come back STAT.

  4. In my final hours as mayor, I decree that the Preds need to rebound tonight and play a full 60 minutes of hockey. It's hard to be at your best when we are missing almost a complete scoring line from the roster.