Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Musings

There's not a lot to get hyped up about from the last 3 games. So let's take a look at the state of things, with some facts to get you through. Remember, it's early in the season.

The Preds are currently riding a 3 game losing streak into their matchup tomorrow night against the Canucks. Since we know already what everyone's feelings are about Vancouver and the Canucks, we can save that post for later. The Preds did manage to squeeze 1 point out of their losing streak when they lost to the Devils in a shootout though (hey gotta look at the positives).

Currently the team sucks in the +/- category: Legwand, Suter, Weber, and Tootoo all lead the team with 1.

That tells me the team is not scoring goals. Either that, or the other team is shooting a shit ton more goals then us.

We've scored 10 goals in 5 games whereas our opponents have scored 15.

Here's a fun fact for you. Nashville ranks 29th in the league for shots on goal with an average of 23 per game. Our opponents are averaging 32.8 shots per game on us.

So the solution is simple right? Or am I missing something? Yes of course Pekka can be a brick wall, but we need some offense to help him out. His save percentage is still .926, but his goal average is 2.37 per game. Unless we score some goals, or beef up the defense, we can't put the W up. (By the way the league leader in save percentage is at .960 - Pekka is not far off)

Did you know Pekka got an assist last game?! When Pekka is the spark for your offense you know something is wrong.

But it's early everyone... This just proves how defense wins championships, but offense is going to get you to the playoffs.

Come back soon Marty and Fish! And for the rest of the Preds... SHOOT THE PUCK!

But to start getting you ready for tomorrow night, here's an awful song from the Vancouver faithful. I can't believe this song was actually popular in Vancouver. They really like shitty music there. It's an awful cover of an awful song made by a girl that wishes she never put it out. When is Nashville going to start getting this stuff? We have a lot of talented people here. A lot of musically talented people... hmmmmmm

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